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How can Systeral benefit my business?

The Systeral environment will give you direct access to hundreds of IT service providers the world over, grow your network coverage and shorten your supply chain in minutes. By entering a few simple criteria, you can Smart Match with the suppliers you need. As part of your subscription, you will also have access to the Systeral workflow management software and all the tools required for successful completion of your works. Systeral is designed to be a service system for all; from initial selection of suppliers and building your networks, to creating contracts, pre-works communication and logistics and to works reporting and billing. 

How can we be assured of quality if there are so many people in your Marketplace?

While anyone can join the Marketplace, we do take steps to ensure those companies signing up are legitimate and we will do due diligence on all new suppliers registering. There is also the option for suppliers to register through our Verified Partner process. This process is more in-depth and subject to more rigorous scrutiny. Suppliers who have passed through this process will be marked as such in the Marketplace.

Do you measure supplier performance?

Performance is measured on a number of metrics. On platform SLAs can be applied against any contract and reporting can be run against these metrics. The number of successful interventions is also measured, and overall performance can be reflected in the Site Visit Reports though a five-star rating system. 

All these measurements are collated and are reflected within the standards for our Partner Awards programme, where consistently high-performing suppliers granted an award status reflecting their quality. This award will be prominently displayed on the supplier’s profile and is another assurance of quality.

We already use several programmes for our work, why should we change?

As you say, you already use several programmes, that comes with multiple subscriptions or licences, multiple training requirements and a dee-centralisation of understanding and process. Systeral can provide a full-service platform that performs all of the essential functions that would other require and myriad of other solutions. Keep things simple in by utilising one platform for all your service needs. If you still require other software solutions, Systeral can be adjusted to incorporate communications from other platforms for business continuity.

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