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How it Works?

When you sign up to Marketplace your access allows you to work as both a client and a provider of IT Services. Depending on your prime intend use clicking on one of the options below will give you all the information you need when it comes to how Marketplace can help your business. Our vetting process ensures both a quality of service and provides most onboarding information required instantly. Clients and Providers are encouraged to obtain a status as this ensures their organisation is then part of a growing network of verified organisations around the world. 

How would you best describe your organisation?

We see client users on the system as those who need to procure and obtain services in the sectors we have members in.

IT Managed Hardware services, Managed services and Recruitment services can be procured using our enquiry and search tools included with marketplace. Works can then be delivered using Systeral Assist. Our fees and charges are clear and depending on your chosen status level can be reduced to minimal amounts. Systeral Platform members can invite other users into their network pools and work directly using the platform independently from marketplace

For companies who primarily deliver IT services in Hardware, Managed Services and Recruitment. Marketplace is the level playing field providers have always deserved. Complete your profile, choose your sector coverage and capability and status level. Systeral Assist then allows clients to send and have work managed via the platform.

The more commitment you make to the platform the lesser our fees are as well as more visibility to clients and the systeral marketing team actively promoting your services. Become easier to find in an instant, and connect to organisations around world.  

The busy MSP is always in the middle of securing clients and delivering services. We have you covered. Membership is inclusive of both client and provider functions and verification covers both as well so you are free to log enquiries using Systeral assist to source and place works as well as receiving enquires from other Systeral Assist Marketplace users. 

For companies going that step further and using Systeral Platform they are able to create network pools and can work independently from Marketplace working directly with organisations. It is an ideal tool for those managing relationships with multiple clients and providers 

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