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Systeral ITSM Platform

The Systeral platform contains the tools and features you need to manage your workflow clearly and efficiently. Manage logistics, create contracts with SLA requirements, add process flows and communicate directly on the platform with the supplier in whatever language you need. A robust audit flow and reporting functionality means that you only need one platform to perform all the actions you need. 

The Systeral Platform provides ITSM functionality to organisations. The Platform manages workflow, assigns work requests to 3rd party organisations, and can manage all aspects of IT Hardware support services, Recruitment, and IT Services for MSP organisations.

Built over the last 12 years the platform has worked as’s main service tool for the last decade and has managed over 50,000 service and project requests for just their Global business.

The Platform scales to your business requirements, and you can build your own Network pools for even easier work and requirement allocation.

Organisations can take a subscription on the Platform depending on their size and business requirements and the deliver them effectively using the service tools and implementation software contained within the Systeral Platform.  

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