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Platform Features and Functions

The Systeral platform contains the tools and features you need to manage your workflow clearly and efficiently. Manage logistics, create contracts with SLA requirements, add process flows and communicate directly on the platform with the supplier in whatever language you need. A robust audit flow and reporting functionality means that you only need one platform to perform all the actions you need. 

Central Dashboard

Our Dashboard is packed full of tools and features, from service management tools to logistics, finance and sales tools. You can even build your own private networks. 


Create MSP Rate Cards for clients and aggregate rates from providers to create bespoke pricing books and contracted rates with terms agreements.

Sales Tools 

Manage procurement requests with ease, centralised bidding process, no need to manage multiple email threads, one of our most valuable tools in the platform outside of service management.


You can create powerful private service networks to support and deliver business.

Work directly with your network and integrate directly

with clients.


Procure services from Verified Providers from around the world, a growing database of companies providing services directly.

Finance Tools

Inbuilt billing management tools linked to contracts, service requests and logistics and inventory. Manage cost and charge throughout the whole transaction, approve or query costs and charge directly and quickly.


Manage day to day business flow with dedicated operations management tools. Manage internal and external requests seamlessly. Full Service management tools for SLA.

Asset Management

A full host of asset management, FSL Mapping and stock inventory tools to support multiple types of service contracts..

Procurement Engine

A powerful that allows you to build and send procurement and tender requests as well as enquires to your own private network or the inbuilt marketplace, with smart matching tools inbuilt to find matching providers.

People and Places

Design your own Departments with dedicated or bespoke system functionality, from Admin and Helpdesk functionality to Finance departments and field define departments to your needs. 


Direct in chat tools on all service requests, direct connection rooms and linked to Telegram app for access for all situations.

Reporting Tools 

Reporting tools for Service management reporting, stock management reporting, billing and finance and ales metrics on opportunities and procurement requests made on Systeral.

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