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Join our Procurement Marketplace and join 100's of Clients and Service providers from around the Globe!


Marketplace Interface to Systeral

The Marketplace interface into Systeral and IT Services around the Globe

The Systeral Platform provides ITSM functionality to organisations. The Platform manages workflow, assigns work requests to 3rd party organisations, and can manage all aspects of IT Hardware support services, Recruitment, and IT Services for MSP organisations.

Built over the last 12 years the platform has worked as Youcall-it.com’s main service tool for the last decade and has managed over 50,000 service and project requests for just their Global business.

The Platform scales to your business requirements, and you can build your own Network pools for even easier work and requirement allocation.

Organisations can take a subscription on the Platform depending on their size and business requirements and then deliver them effectively using the service tools and implementation software contained within the Systeral Platform.

How it works Marketplace + Systeral Platform….

Marketplace activity works through Systeral Assist to ensure service quality.

The works requirements are consistently managed effectively within the software we have created. We even take care of the invoicing and billing elements with set fees to our providers and clients which are easy to understand and are primarily based on their Status level on Marketplace.

Systeral Platform has all the management tools PLUS a brand-new toolset, with something we refer to as Network Pools. Network Pools allow users to create pools, define them for purpose and then invite providers or clients into those pools. This is a direct action and is between provider and client rather than using the Systeral Assist element of the system. Using the platform in this way means you have a direct relationship with the pool owner; including managing and delivering works.

Billing arrangements are direct as well, as there is no need for Systeral Assist to manage the works. (of course, you can still choose to use the assist service in marketplace for dedicated desk management and the service that also provides).

Combining both provides clients with the ultimate procurement and delivery tools. They can source within their own created Network Pools as well as utilising Marketplace when additional services are required or needed.

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