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How many AI does it take to change a lightbulb? (or indeed a blog post)

Back at the beginning of the year I was working on our new Marketplace solution for the IT service industry. To help us with some of the content we needed to produce and to assist the team in the office with producing content we looked at a how AI could help us. It seems who isn't these days.

To be honest though, if I was a full time content writer or someone in the SEO world I'd be a little miffed as well. All of a sudden the whole world has access to loads of products out there that use AI to write, create and produce content.

When I'm not promoting the systeral platform I'm making music or producing my house music radio shows. I can spend hours sifting through new music to build up a 2 hour show.

Now there are tools like Soundraw that create AI generated music. So musicians, AI is coming for you as well!

I'm waffling away from the subject matter but its clear that AI is here to stay and is and will become a big part of our everyday lives.

Jasper.ai The Test

We have been using Jasper for certain elements of our business and this includes some of our marketing content and even some internal documents that needed looking at. I've always been pro-tech and so anything that has the ability to help enhance a business is mostly seen as a good thing in my book. Some of the content it produces is solid, and at the very least can be used as guide for certain tasks.

As we all know though, things need to be "optimised", tweaked and other social media tricks so your prose, video or copy gets noticed and ranked. Things are changing slightly but the mechanics are the same. Organic only ever used to mean a vegetable was grown in manure and not chemically treated, now it means "good" content on the www.

Let's look at an example, I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions on the value you place on the below. For this we are going to look at how content can be adjusted. Up until this stage in the blog everything written has come out of my head in free flow.

First, let me write something that would help me promote what I do in this blog, written in the "manure" style (lol Organic).

Systeral platform and our marketplace offering really does aim to bring transparency to the IT Service industry. Our procurement tool allows providers to connect to clients and managed service companies directly, whilst managing the service flow at the same time. We have spent 12 years building our system in a constant live working environment and now we are offering the same tools we have used to deliver thousands of service and project events around the Globe

Then, let us feed it to the AI over at Jasper, there are many templates to choose from for all sorts of content, for this I've chosen "paragraph generator".

It provides various outputs, I've chosen the one I felt worked for this blog best, it can output many variants of the same content until you are happy with it.

Systeral platform and our marketplace offering is designed to bring much-needed transparency to the IT service industry. Our procurement tool allows service providers, such as managed service companies, to connect with clients directly and manage service flow easily using the same Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that we've been using for over 12 years in a constant live working environment. As a result of our experienced expertise, we have completed thousands of service and project events in multiple locations worldwide. Our platform provides unparalleled service management capabilities through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), making it easier than ever before for IT service providers to offer reliable services with greater control and efficiency.

As you can see from the above, in a matter of moments it takes the initial content with the content desired and then produces copy as above.

When Two Robots Go To War

If we are all going to start letting AI write content, its not going to be long before most of what we read and write is going to be mostly generated content. I thought I'd go off and explore this a little further.

So if you want your content to be natural but your using AI to write copy what do you do?

That's right you can use another Ai (I'm not making this up)

So the content has been nicely updated by Jasper. My keywords now appear and my initial off the top of my head piece has now been prepped and packaged up to be delivered to the world. People will be impressed, awards will be won, what form they will all say, I'm sure.

I wanted to check the content so I went on over to an Ai called ZeroGPT

This is where it gets interesting - My first robot fight, not quite as hyped as Fury vs Paul but nonetheless, less interesting.

ZeroGPT states that it is the most Advanced and Reliable Chat GPT detector tool.

By design it's purpose is to detect Ai language in content. That's right, you didn't mishear me.

I'm producing content by using an AI to improve my original and from my head copy. Then I'm using a 2nd Ai to check the content to identify if it sounds like Ai.

Confused ? Don't be...

This is what I did

I took the content Jasper had generated and put it into ZeroGPT to check the content.

It gave me the following results....

So 77.29% of the content is detected by ZeroGPT as AI language. I'm pretty sure its safe to say ZeroGPT doesn't have many other AI friends. If it's going around "grassing" up the other AI then this is going to get messy down the line. It is pleasing to see though, that there are tools out there that also work against the big trend that's emerging in front of us.

Let's wrap this up

You can rewrite and adjust the content until its back to Human written again, so although AI generated content is on the up, with some care and attention you can still find the inner Human. If you are solely generating content using AI then it might be worth looking at how you can use it to enhance and not replace. There are some great applications out there but the danger of becoming to samey to quickly is a reality. AI is only going to get smarter from this point, so working with tools provides some benefits, just don't expect it to run your business and social media accounts without some humans kicking around, they still have their uses after all!

A Note from the Author

Thanks for reading, amongst the work blogs I do like to write articles about my experiences when managing the business and indeed the odd and strange that happen in my life. If you'd like to know more about me or indeed Systeral and our aims then feel free to get in touch.

Until next time, keep that content "manure" !

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