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Our Origin Story

Hello, my name is Paul, and I would like to introduce to our software platform Systeral – A Service System for All.

From May 16th we will begin phase one of our roll out, launching the “Enquiries” function of Systeral. This will allow all our clients to begin accessing the resources and potential of the global network of IT service companies that make up our Marketplace. It will also allow those members of the Marketplace to bid on projects, to grow their businesses and engage with the Systeral environment.

Even better, you do not need to sign up to Systeral to take advantage of the Enquiries function.

After launch we will be rolling out the function to all; we will, by necessity, require some details to be logged, but there will be no obligation after.

I’ll go into more detail regarding the Enquiries function and how it works in my next post, but first I would like to give a little detail on the origins of Systeral.

The platform was “born” 12 years ago when, in response to a challenge from a long-time business associate, the company that became Youcall-it.com began to task of proving that IT services in Europe could be managed in a unified manner. In order to bring the different aspects of the workflow together, it was necessary to create a service platform to manage the requests. Over the year the relationships between Youcall-it and their partners and clients grew a bit more complex. The types of work required, the logistics, the specific processes, they all began to out-grow what the early platform could deliver.

Rather than trying to utilise external platforms or services, the team at YCI endeavoured to expand the functionality on the system, growing and developing modules or processes, allowing the platform to perform in a unified way that would otherwise require multiple solutions to achieve. This is where Systeral truly began.

As YCI continued to grow and perform even more varied work-types the team further added to and refined the system until that platform became integral to the way they worked. Partners and clients accessing the platform agreed, often suggesting improvements themselves. It didn’t take long to realise that the platform that is Systeral was such an asset to the team and the wider business that they decided that it couldn’t be kept to themselves any longer.

Which bring us too now. What has been crafted in Systeral is a simple and yet wide-ranging platform which can be turned to many service requirements that may require several subscriptions or programmes otherwise. While we begin with the Enquires functions, over the coming months the full environment of Systeral will be rolled out, from the Global Marketplace and Short Service Chain to Service Management and more.

We look forward to welcoming you into our environment and truly believe that Systeral is what we say – A Service System for All.

Until next time - Paul

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