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How much time do you spend chasing for responses to submissions? 

What level of resource is tied up researching different sectors and providers? 

Submit an Enquiry into the Systeral environment and let it do the work for you! 

Logging a Systeral Enquiry is quick and easy; and you don’t even need to fully register to do so. 

Simply enter a few relevant details letting us know where you need the resource, what kind of service require, some brief descriptions of the work being undertaken, and other factors advising what you need. 

If your Enquiry is urgent, you can even flag this during the Enquiry flow to ensure swift response. 

After this, complete your contact details and send the Enquiry into the Systeral Marketplace. 

Our Smart Match technology will filter the many service providers in the Marketplace to find those best suited to meet your needs and send the Enquiry direct to them. Once received, the supplier will review your request and register their response. 

Once the required number of responses are received, you will be sent a breakdown of the results. 

No more chasing for an individual supplier’s reply. 

No more scouring review sites to compile a list of potential service providers. 

No more waiting to see if a better rate might be offered from another company. 

Simple. Transparent. Comprehensive. 

Submit and Enquiry today to take the pain out of your planning 

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