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How our Platform and Marketplace can help you business 


How can Systeral and Marketplace benefit my IT Business?

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How can Systeral benefit my business?

The Systeral environment will advertise and expose your business to leading companies across the IT field. From retail and hospitality to core IT services, printer services, work placements, and AV systems, in both service and project settings. You can bid directly on jobs offered out into the Marketplace or build up long term relationships direct with the client base. In short, Systeral can help grow your business by bringing the clients to you.

Ok, but how can we be noticed if there are so many people in your Marketplace?

Anyone can join the Marketplace, register your details including your rates and areas of coverage and you will be searchable to the client base using our Smart Match system. The clients will advise where they need works completed and what expertise they require, the Systeral system will then search the Marketplace for those suppliers who are best place to help.


How can we make sure stand above the others?

While anyone can join the Marketplace, so long as their details can be validated, you can choose to take the extra step to have your profile go through our verification process. This will allow Systeral to check and confirm your company details and perform the necessary due diligence to mark you as a Verified Partner. You will be clearly marked as such in the Marketplace and we can actively promote your company to the client base. Your company will also be eligible for our Partner Award programme, a further way to show your company in the best light and attract more client to your profile.

We don’t have wide coverage; will this limit our access to the clients?

One key feature of Marketplace is that you are not just advertised in the Marketplace, you have access to Systeral Platform as well! 

You can use your own Marketplace access to make connections, build relationships, and increase your coverage through partnerships with other suppliers in the Systeral environment. Systeral has been designed to build contacts in all channels across service industries, business to business, client to supplier, whatever is needed, we can find a way to connect you.

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