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A Service System for All


The origins of the platform that is Systeral began in 2010, when a discussion with a long-term business contract led to a conversation around the difficulties of managing IT service workflow in Europe in a unified way.
In what could have been described as a moment of stubbornness the company that eventually became Youcall-it.com was born to prove that unified European working could be done.
What became readily apparent was the need for something to be put in place that would allow the works to be tracked and managed across a range of sites, sectors, and languages. After researching multiple software packages, the team discovered that while each of them offered something worthwhile, no single solution offered everything that was required.
So, the team at Youcall-it began to build their own platform from which to work. It rapidly became the heart of how they managed works across Europe and later, as the company grew, the world. Over the years additional functionality was added to the environment, including logistics, auto-translated conversations, billing, networking, contract tools and much more. As Youcall-it continued to successfully complete works all over the world, the platform continued to grow and be improved with feedback derived from suppliers and clients alike and all with experience of real-world use.
In addition to the platform, Youcall-it built a global network of IT services suppliers across a range of sectors and price points, meaning they were able to offer a wide range of experience and rates to their continually growing client base.
It soon became clear that the platform that is now named Systeral and the global network that had been built through it was too valuable and too significant to be kept for one company alone.
In early 2022, the team decided to open the environment to all, allowing everyone to access the breadth of skills available in the Marketplace as well as the tools and functionality of the platform.
In order to recognise the new direction of the platform it was given the official name Systeral as we believe it truly is a Service System For All.

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