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Features and Pricing for
Systeral ITSM Platform

The Systeral platform contains the tools and features you need to manage your workflow clearly and efficiently. Manage logistics, create contracts with SLA requirements, add process flows and communicate directly on the platform with the supplier in whatever language you need. A robust audit flow and reporting functionality means that you only need one platform to perform all the actions you need. 

A Service System for All

How you manage the workflow can be as important as the works themselves. Who knows how many projects and contracts failed because of miscommunication or confusion in contact channels. Developed over 12 years of real--world use, the Systeral Platform has been designed to streamline the workflow in any service chain and bring all the disparate software or system requirements into one solution. On the Systeral Platform you can create and manage shipping notices, compile a Document Library, upload inventories and so much more. More importantly, the Systeral Platform connects you in real time to your resources on site through live Updates and integrated Chat functions with in-built translation software. The Systeral Platform is a one stop solution to all your workflow management needs, cutting not just the costs of managing your works but increasing efficiency, reducing communication errors, and streamlining your service chain. Efficient, streamlined and cost effective.

The Systeral Platform brings you and your network closer.

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