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Special Offers,
Tokens and Add on options for Marketplace and 
Systeral Platform

We offer a whole host of extra and additional ways to enhance or upgrade your experience with both Marketplace and the main Systeral Platform.  Use tokens to reveal client information, upgrade your status for a limited time and plug into our Smartmatch service regardless of the Status you hold with us. Tokens allow our clients and users to do even more with us across our two main system offerings. 

Systeral Special OFFERS

Here you can choose from a selection of Special Offers created by our team.

These offers are time limited and offer great value for money, especially if you are looking to get maximum value when becoming a part of the Systeral family.

Marketplace membership gives you the opportunity to receive works via Systeral assist and the marketplace directly from clients as well as highlighting your capability, company details and more.

Systeral Platform gives you access to the whole Service management platform, as well as Network pools which allow you to build your own network of providers and clients and work with them accordingly.

Our offers are time limited so don’t delay, sign up with us today!

Systeral Tokens

Coming Soon!

You will be able to purchase Tokens to use for a variety of tools and features across our two main products,

Systeral Platform and Systeral Marketplace.

Tokens give our users and members the opportunity to enhance their experience by using

additional features such as Smart match.

Tokens can also be used to reply directly to noticeboard posts, upgrade your status on marketplace and much more.

See below for a summary of how tokens will be able to be used across the systems.

Systeral Additional Features

We have big plans, not just to change the way IT services are procured and delivered

but also the way we provide tools for our customers and client.

Additional features are tools in the system not provided in our standard packages.

Here you can add additional features and functionality beyond the

Functionality we provide in our package plans. You can add options like bespoke reporting

and even full licencing which gives you every tool we use including the back-end admin tools we use to build and manage the system. Due to the nature of these additional products you need to hold at least a membership or status with Systeral.

Your account manager will be more than happy to discuss additional options with you. Contact us now for more details.

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