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Systeral Products
Features and Pricing

Find options below for features and pricing for our products here at Systeral.

Marketplace offers an opportunity to reduce supply chain bloating, and for providers to work directly with clients and visa versa. The Systeral Platform gives you all the tools you need to manage IT services, projects and contracts in a single environment. We have strived to make our plans cost efficient, and more than comparative and transparent to all of our users.

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Our Products 


Marketplace is the Global IT Services marketplace and comes in three flavours. Verified brings you the best benefits, with reduced fees and great visibility, followed by Checked which is our next level of entry, with a reduction in transaction fees. Lastly Listed, for those that would like to be involved but with normal fees and less visibility when joining the Marketplace.

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Systeral Platform, our ITSM, PAAS and Global 3rd party management services all under one roof. All three pricing options provide all of the features and services we have been building for last 12 years. Simply decide on your level of membership subscription level and activate your services within minutes. 

Options include Lite, Standard and Plus versions of the platform.

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As well as providing services for Marketplace and Systeral Platform we also offer additional system extras and tokens to enhance or progress further. 

You can use our tokens in marketplace and the platform to upgrade, view clients or unlock Smart match features. 

Tokens are automatically allocated as part of your Systeral membership but can be topped up or added to if you need more

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